Your Skin & Your Health

//Your Skin & Your Health

Your Skin & Your Health

What goes on your skin, goes in.

With all the harsh chemicals in beauty products these days, looking for a healthier alternative is imperative when it comes to our body and our health.  You’ve heard before that if you want to look and feel good it all stems from the inside out.  This couldn’t be truer when we talk nourishment and eating whole foods as often as possible.  In addition to a healthy diet however, we must do our part in quenching our skins thirst with as many natural products as possible.

Some may wonder why the need to switch beauty products but knowing that what goes on our skin gets absorbed is reason enough for me.  There are just so many harsh chemicals that we need to look for and avoid when shopping for beauty products.  Not sure which ones they are? Here’s a list of the top 19 Chemicals to avoid in our skincare line.  The negative health effects of absorbing these chemicals over time leads to many health issues.  Many of the chemicals put in these products aren’t regulated, contain chemicals contributing to cancer, are endocrine diruptors leading to reproductive troubles, and problems with our thyroid just to name a few.

Personally switching from your favourite products to a healthier line can be hard and I completely understand, as it took me some time to find the perfect products as well! However, looking for a healthier product was made easy when I started using the EWG app a.k.a “Healthy Living” app on my phone.  You simply look up a product by scanning the barcode, enter it’s name in the search tab, or browse my category.  Trust me you’ll absolutely love using this app!  Once you get to know which products are good for you then you can start trying them, and see which ones you fall in love with.  Sometimes you’re lucky enough to find a product line that becomes your one-stop shop! This is what leads me to sharing my love for this local company with 100% toxin-free ingredients. I really am loving my new products from the Rocky Mountain Soap Company and my skin has never felt so soft.  Just a few of my all-time favourite products is the eye cream, hydrating face serum, the vanilla coconut body butter, and the organic sugar scrub!  You must try their products if you haven’t already, and I encourage you to download the “healthy Living” app on your phone as well! Trust me, you won’t regret it!

Cheers to healthy, glowing skin!




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