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Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much. 

Helen Keller

Diet culture has skewed our way of thinking around healthy eating and has made it difficult to properly navigate through the “nutrition noise” that bombards us on a daily basis. This holds true especially for those trying to make a positive change with their nutrition and overall lifestyle. In your nutrition counselling sessions at PureSense Health, we will help you gain clarity around your body’s nutritional requirements and take control of your health. Understanding your relationship with food is key in making a long-term change. You’ll be able to confidently establish healthy habits while fuelling your body in a way that will help you achieve your health goals.

With professional support and advice, along with effective tools, PureSense Health prides itself on helping its clients achieve positive results. The less complicated nutrition is, the easier it becomes to rid ourselves of bad habits that are no longer serving us. Through your sessions at PureSense Health, we’ll focus on education around nutritional requirements, intuitive eating, and developing healthy habits.  You will learn to make healthy choices while at the same time, nourishing your body while living your best life!

Our team believes everyone should live their life energized and with a positive outlook on their health and well-being!

Alexandra Karagiannis, Nutrition and Health Consultant and Certified Metabolic Balance Coach. Registered with the Canadian Association of Natural Nutritional Clinical Practitioners, as well as the Founder and Owner of PureSense Health Inc. in Calgary, Alberta.

Alexandra started in her field on the more clinical side of nutrition at various extended care facilities as a Dietary Technician. She then turned her focus on working with many health and weight management clinics soon finding  that nutrition and weight management was where her passion lied. Working one-on-one with clients and helping them reach their goals was something she wanted to further dedicate her time to.

As well as being a business owner, Alexandra is a busy mother of two and understands the difficulty around achieving balance with the demands that come from both family and work. Juggling such aspects of one’s life can be hard both mentally and physically, however, Alexandra’s balanced approach to diet and nutrition has helped many clients not only understand their relationship with food but has helped them create balance with their dietary intake as well as their families.  Working with each client individually allows for specific and tailored support helping each client reach their personal nutrition, health and weight goals.

Alexandra has often been interviewed by Shaw TV, CBC News, The Wheel and Metro News. She holds over eighteen years of experience in the field of weight loss, weight management, nutrition and health. She is wholeheartedly dedicated to inspiring her clients to achieve optimum health and wellness.

Alexandra Karagiannis PureSense Health
Nikao Psychology - Registered Psychologist

Stamatina (Tina) Nikolaou is a Registered Psychologist and owner of Nikao Psychology.  Tina brings her genuine compassion and positivity into her work as a psychologist for adults, couples, teens and children.

More often than not, there is a need to understand our relationship with food on more of a psychological level. Tina is an empathic and dynamic listener who is passionate about helping people live out their full potential and overcome challenges that get in their way. She strives to thoroughly understand clients’ challenges and strengths and collaborates with clients to identify and achieve effective, creative, and unique solutions in order to overcome the challenges they are facing.

We are excited for our collaboration with Tina and the expertise she provides our clients.

Theresa Toth owner of Jolt Nutrition makes it easy for children to have a better understanding of what they put in their bodies and how it can affect overall performance. We are proud to hold a partnership with Jolt Nutrition where we can help families create easy yet healthy, balanced meals.

The workshops offered through Jolt Nutrition have been designed with the academic community to be engaging and fun, and to support physical education. We want children to come away with an excitement and understanding about how to fuel and repair their bodies. With passion for both food and fitness, combining the two together through Sport Nutrition was the perfect blend for Theresa. She created Jolt Nutrition as a platform to reach the younger generation to help them learn the basics of sport nutrition and to get them thinking about how the choices they make directly impact their performance.

Perfect for schools, teams, clubs and anyone looking to take their performance goals to the next level.

Teresa Toth - Jolt Nutrition

We are proud to provide nutrition counselling services for all your health and wellness needs. Did you know, the services of a Natural Nutritional Clinical Practitioner (NNCP) could be covered under your group insurance plan. Insurance providers such as iA Financial Group, Greenshield Canada, Manulife and Blue Cross Alberta all provide coverage under nutrition counselling. Check with your insurance provider to see if you are covered and give us a call!

Canadian Association of Natural Nutritional Practitioners
Canadian Action for Nutrition

A NNCP is defined as:

A holistic/natural nutritional practitioner is a health professional who assesses health and vitality in the natural context of a client’s whole life experience, including their physical, emotional, social and environmental circumstances, and who uses nutritional choices, supplements, education and lifestyle modifications in a non-invasive way to empower clients towards self-healing, increased health and maximized vitality.

Our Approach:

No one-size fits all approach — every client is considered to be unique and individual.

The person as a whole is always taken into account.

Nutritional deficiencies, insufficiencies and excesses are examined and addressed using the positive attributes of nutrients.

Tools of the trade centre on whole, natural food and supplements without harmful additives, with an eye on environmentally sound alternatives.

Concentration is on preventing poor health or reestablishing good health, catching imbalances in the early stages, but diagnosis and treatment are not part of the Scope of Practice.

An effective and lasting approach.

Education of the client is of primary importance.

Guidance so that the client remains in control of his/her own well-being.

Latest available research and clinical evidence is used to develop a personalized health plan based on individualized health goals.

A practical approach focusing on food choices, lifestyle changes and supplement suggestions, expressed in terms that any client, regardless of knowledge level, can easily understand.