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A healthy attitude is contagious but don’t wait to catch it from others; be a carrier.


After seeing my doctor for my yearly check-up I saw that again for another year, I gained an additional 10 lbs. I finally realized that I couldn’t put weight loss on the back burner for another year. I received counselling with Alexandra at PureSense Health and felt like I could finally take control of my health.  Within the first month I was eating, sleeping and feeling better overall.  My digestion was better and my energy levels were finally going back up! I look forward to continuing my success and achieving my goals with PureSense Health.


I just wanted to say a quick THANK YOU! The meal planning and guidance has really helped me out. I am going to go out on a limb here to actually say that it has definitely helped my confidence as I had started feeling as though I may not be able to get back to my old self again. With the right foods to fuel my body I now have more energy, and in combination with the basketball I am playing again, I haven’t felt like this since my days in college. Mind you I still have a ways to go, but I definitely see and feel a huge difference. (the scale reads 89.6kg – you know how long its been since I’ve seen the digit “8”???). Anyway, this was just a quick hello and to share a BIG Thank You!


Alexandra was such a pleasure to work with. Very knowledgeable and understanding!

Kelly R.

I worked with Alexandra to help me lose weight for my wedding. I always felt I had a slow metabolism and found it very difficult to lose weight unless I was eating minimal calories and exercising 30-60 minutes every single day. With Alexandra’s help I realized that I was underfueling and with the right guidance and support I was able to go down 2 dress sizes. I found her extremely understanding to my health issues and we worked weekly on a meal plan that I could follow.  Thank you Alex!


I never thought I could do it. I had been on many different weight loss programs but all of them had some sort of gimmick. I finally found something that made sense and was easy. Thank you Alex!


Alex’s programs are the best. Why? She is unbiased, realistic and lets you focus on your short and long term goals. I highly recommend her programs.


I didn’t do this to lose weight I just wanted better overall health. I wanted to learn how to eat properly and teach my husband and kids as well. Thanks to the one-on-one counselling, I now have the tools to live a longer and healthier life and the best part is that I’m living as an example for my children.

Marlene S.

Alex was an excellent and a positive motivator. She really took the time to help us create a manageable and realistic nutrition plan. Her personal guidance and one-on-one support helped me lose 17 pounds in an effective, fast and healthy manner.

You rock Alex!!!!

David S.

Alexandra gave me a simple and easy menu plan to follow, it just requires a little bit of organization and dedication to make it happen.

With most successes in life, achievements are based on your support system and for me it was the expertise that Alexandra provided with all those menu suggestions, helpful hints, and tips. Now if I could only just get her to write a cookbook!

I had never tried to lose weight before and I didn’t realize the weight I had gained until I went wedding dress shopping. There and then I realized that I needed to make some changes in my life, exercising just wasn’t enough to maintain my weight any more. I had to make a lifestyle change to be healthy. Working with Alex I was able to lose 46lbs and achieve my goal body fat percentage. I sleep better and have more energy than ever.

Thanks so much Alex!!


Alex has truly changed my life! For the first time ever I can confidently say I feel healthy and balanced and just ridiculously happy! I have been on the weight loss roller coaster since I was 12. It has been a constant yo-yo’ing of weight and emotions. I came to see Alex weighing at my heaviest weight, and feeling overwhelmed and not sure how to begin the journey towards weight loss and emotional well-being. Alex helped me work through the emotional aspects of weight loss, self esteem, and self love while also providing me with a workout and eating road map for a healthier lifestyle. Her multi-prong approach helped me regain my full self-esteem, detangling it from any number on the scale, and to start to appreciate food an activity as parts of a balanced lifestyle. This last realization was brilliant and it got me off the stressful weight loss roller coaster towards an overall healthier way of life. I owe Alex ever so much!

Sarah Itani

Alex has been a blessing. I decided to look for a nutritionist to lose weight, but mainly to get my thyroid function to be stable. After a year of trying by myself and with medication I was still getting all of the horrible symptoms from my hypothyroidism. I am amazed to say that in November, after just two weeks of following Alex’s plan, my thyroid stabilized. The best example of how I changed for the best came the night my husband came to me and hugged me, while I was cooking us dinner, and told me how happy he was we started seeing Alex. He told me Alex had given him his wife back. I am now more energized and feel happier. On top of those results I have lost half of my goal weight and feel sexier every day. I am not ashamed to say that I love the way I look but more importantly the way I feel. I still have a lot of work ahead of me but with Alex’s support and advice I feel confident I will reach and exceed my goals. Thank you Alex!

Sharon Chan

Alex is a fantastic nutritionist. She completely changed our view on food and taught us a lot about healthy nutrition. We used to think that we had to go on a diet to lose weight, she was the first person who made us realize that losing weight is a by product of a healthy lifestyle. In the beginning we were overwhelmed with all the information, but she was very patient and understanding and took her time with us in explaining all the nutritional facts. She showed us that with proper portion and in the right combination we can enjoy the same cuisine that we always ate, which was very exciting for us. In doing so we didn’t have to alter our lifestyle by much so it was easy to maintain. I would highly recommend Alex to everyone.

Suddha, Sircar P.Eng.

I am very grateful to have found Alex. I was seeking a nutritionist to provide support in bettering my eating habits but still ensuring those changes were sustainable in the long run. When I first met Alex I knew she would be the right person to assist me. Having her in my life to guide me through my nutrition and provide me with realistic and effective meal plans has changed my life. Not only is Alex professional and knowledgeable, she is extremely personable and caring. There is no doubt I would definitely recommend PureSense Health to anyone looking to either boost their nutrition, overall health or both.

Michelle Pomeroy

Alexandra is a pleasure to see each week. She understands the demand of my career, and makes reasonable plans to assist me with my busy schedule. She keeps the fresh ideas coming as well, whether it be new items to try or healthy recipes. I trust and know that she has my best interest at heart. I would recommend Alex to anyone looking to make a positive lifestyle change.

Aryssah Stankevitsch

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