“Fad Diets” – Do you fall for them?

//“Fad Diets” – Do you fall for them?

“Fad Diets” – Do you fall for them?

Do you avoid eggs, dairy, or wheat? Are you one to fall for the latest “fad diet” out there? Many people go on these “fad diets” that have them avoiding perfectly healthy foods like dairy, eggs, wheat and sometimes even all carbohydrates.  Why?  I personally don’t think having a slice of sprouted grain bread which is high in vitamin B6, Folate, Magnesium and many other vitamins & minerals will do my body harm.  I also don’t think that filling your diet with lots of heart healthy complex carbohydrates like fruits and vegetables is to blame either.  How about dairy?  A great source of Calcium and Vitamin D that is important for strong healthy bones is something I should avoid? And for some reason it looks like we’re all suppose to avoid eggs again!  Really?  Eggs are one of the best protein choices we can make for our bodies as they are packed with B vitamins, vitamin A, D, E, iron & calcium.

Listen, the only reason one should be avoiding specific food groups is if they have been advised by a medical doctor to do so.  Some may have severe allergies and others may just have intolerance’s.  Many people who suffer from Celiac, Chrohn’s, Colitis, or even IBS watch very closely as to what they are eating so that they don’t later suffer from severe pain and discomfort.  With that being said, you  are perfectly healthy right? So why not just learn to eat a little of everything but practice moderation?

Trust me, I know and understand why we all love or easily fall for different “fad diets” that are out there.  They give us hope.  We almost feel as though “This is it. This time I will do it!  I shall be successful and finally shed those pesky pounds.” It’s in our nature to always want the latest and greatest, so we think that with the next “big thing” that comes out regarding dieting will be the answer to our weight loss prayers. But it’s not.  I’m sorry if I’m bursting any bubbles here but there is no magic pill, or cabbage soup diet that will change your life forever. (I feel horrible… it’s like I just told a little one that there is no Santa Clause.) Are you ready for the truth? I’ll let you in on a little secret, but you have to promise me you’ll tell all your friends! Here goes….success lies within YOU.  That’s it. Yup, you read that right, YOU are that magic pill you’ve always been looking for.  Only YOU can work towards overcoming your negative emotions and unhealthy habits towards food. Start loving yourself today because when we love ourselves we take care of ourselves and feed our bodies wholesome, nutrient dense foods.  So next time, instead of getting excited at the grocery store checkout reading all about losing 25 lbs in 20 days just by avoiding dairy, look within yourself for the answers.

So remember, just get back to the basics.  Instead of avoiding heart healthy foods change your diet in a way that you are avoiding all those cookies, muffins, chips, hamburgers etc.  Let’s think about it more a second. It really is all the junk food we’re eating that’s causing obesity right?  It’s also the extremely large portion sizes that we consume every time we eat out.  What about all the extra butter, oils and sauces we’re adding daily to our foods?   I’ve said it again and again, everything in MODERATION.  You can do it!  Take baby steps in learning how to nutritionally balance your days with nutrient dense foods that aren’t processed.  Before you know it, weight loss will be that fabulous “side effect” that will happen as you naturally make healthier choices each day and work towards having a healthier relationship with food.

Eat healthy. Eat balanced. Eat REAL FOOD.

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