Holiday Tips

//Holiday Tips

Holiday Tips

Christmas festivities are now amongst us and will most likely continue for the month and into the new year!  The whole month we’re surrounded by yummy Christmas treats, invites to Christmas parties and finally, Christmas dinner with our loved ones.

Here are some easy DO’s & DON’TS to help keep you on track over the holidays.

1)DON’T: Starve yourself and save all your calories for that party you’re invited to.

DO: Eat a balanced meal for breakfast, lunch and have some healthy snacks in between. Doing this will help keep your blood sugar levels stable throughout the day, you’ll sustain your energy and you will avoid over-indulging at dinner time.  Remind yourself this month that the Holiday Season is about friends and family NOT food so when you’re making food choices LOVE yourself and continue to make as many healthy choices as possible.  Maintaining weight is about the quality of food over quantity.  No one got chubby eating too many carrots! 😉

2) DON’T:  Forget to hydrate!

DO: Drink plenty of water every day!  Staying hydrated will continue to help you release any unwanted toxins, help flush that fat, and you’ll less likely give in to any unwanted cravings.

3) DON’T: Give up physical activity until the New Year.

DO: Make sure to sneak in some workouts!  Try and work out every day if you can but if that’s too much at least try and stick to half an hour three times a week.  Make your workouts fun! You don’t always have to hit the gym or meet your trainer, finding ways to sneak in some fun activity, like sledding with your kids will keep the whole family active.  Physical activity is crucial this month as you will keep your muscles looking toned and the increase in metabolism will help you burn those excess calories that you may or may not consume.   Less damage control for the New Year!

4) DON’T: Get caught up in the holiday rush and forget to snack.

DO: Continue to make healthy snack choices throughout the day to help maintain blood sugar levels, keep your metabolism going and keep you away from holiday goodies. Some delicious ideas include yogurt and fruit, apples with cheese, trail mix, tuna snack packs, or a protein snack bar like simply protein’s peanut butter chocolate yumminess!

5) DON’T Say: “It’s Christmas!  I’ll get back on track in the New Year!” 

DO: Practice self control.  It’s just like our finances, we can’t just throw our hands up in the air and splurge beyond our means just because it’s Christmas!  We all have a Christmas budget, so budget your personal self too.  Practice mindfulness, and understanding that all food fits it so important especially over the holidays.  Learn to listen to your body, eat when you’re hungry but stop when you’re full.  It’s completely okay to mindfully indulge and remembering that life is about moderation.

6) DON’T: Sabotage yourself and feel guilty for everything you eat or every workout you miss.

DO: ENJOY YOURSELF!   Relax, you are not on a diet.  The worst thing you can do is sabotage yourself and spiral out of control. Simply try to eat whole foods that nourish your body as often as possible and workout when you can, and if you are just too busy over the holidays, well… IT’S OK!  Just remind yourself that you are making positive lifestyle changes to create a better and healthier you and the rest will fall into place.  Remember… weight loss is a “side effect” of you making healthier choices more often than not. 🙂

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!



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