Persimmons & Their Health Benefits

Persimmons, also known as “the fruit of the Gods” are officially in season! I just picked some up yesterday and I’m super excited to devour one with lunch today. Now many foods are “superfoods” however, persimmons are up there with some of the best!

Not only are they delicious, this nutrient rich fruit is…

  • loaded with antioxidants
  • boosts our immune system
  • improves our blood circulation
  • aids in digestion
  • high in fibre
  • decreases inflammation
  • promotes healthy bowel movements
  • lowers blood pressure
  • reduces your risk of cancer
  • reduces oxidative stress
  • improves overall eye health
  • a good source of iron and loaded in vitamin C

Convinced to add them into your overall dietary intake?
Fun food fact about me: I personally enjoy my fruit crisp and tart, so I don’t really enjoy persimmons when they’re too ripe. This actually includes many fruits, like pears, peaches, nectarines and bananas, I just can’t do it…fruit when it’s too ripe just isn’t good…Lol ~ I’m not the only one right?!  However, I’ve heard persimmons are very sweet and delicious when overripe! So if you haven’t experimented with or tried persimmons yet I really do encourage you to! If you H A V E had them before, do you enjoy them? Let me know in the comments below! 



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