Easy Breakfast Ideas

Easy Breakfast Ideas

Easy Breakfast Ideas 

My B R E A K F A S T today was super simple but sooo filling! 🍎 ~ Sometimes I’m craving a large breakfast with eggs, bacon and toast, and other times it’s simply, oatmeal, a smoothie or even a meal replacement bar/drink. All are great options, however, ensuring adequate protein & fibre are key to being satiated and having sustainable energy throughout the day.

Some of my favourite breakfast options include: 

        – This Rye bread + Peanut Butter + Apple pictured above.
        – Protein Smoothie ( 1 scoop protein powder + 1 fruit + dairy + greens)
        – Breakfast Parfait (Greek Yogurt + All Bran Buds + Fruit + Nuts & Seeds)
        – Steel Cut Oats + Fruit + Nuts & Seeds (such as Chia, hemp, flax, slivered almonds etc..)
        – Mandelade (Soaked + Ground almonds + sunflower seeds with a grated apple + cinnamon)
        – Open-faced Breakfast Toast (1 slice sprouted grain bread + 1 slice cheese + 1 egg over hard with a fruit)
        – Meal Replacement Bar (when I’m rushing out the door)
        – Traditional Bacon & Eggs with toast.
        – Avocado Toast + Egg

Looking for some more breakfast ideas? Take a look at our breakfast recipes on the blog here.

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