LOVE Nutmeg!

//LOVE Nutmeg!

LOVE Nutmeg!

We all love nutmeg and add it to our favourite drinks, dishes and desserts, but do you know the health benefits it has to offer?

  1. Nutmeg oil can relieve indigestion, gas and improve appetite.
  2. Trying to study or trying to focus at work?  Add some nutmeg to your hot cocoa as it effectively stimulates your brain and improves concentration.
  3. Because of its strong antibacterial properties, nutmeg can reduce bad breath by decreasing bacteria in the mouth. (look for it as an ingredient in toothpaste.)
  4. Having tooth pain?  Try rubbing a little nutmeg oil with a Q-tip on a sore tooth or gums as it can help relieve pain.
  5. Not sleeping well?  Shake a little nutmeg onto some warm milk for a better nights rest.
  6. Heart health! Nutmeg is good for your heart as it helps to stimulate the cardiovascular system.
  7. Need some pain relief? Applying nutmeg oil to aching joints will help relieve muscle pain or arthritis.
  8. Nutmeg has been known to help clean your liver and kidneys of toxins.  Add a little nutmeg here and there to your meals, drinks etc and your body will love you.
  9. Feeling queasy?  Try a couple drops of nutmeg oil mixed with honey to help treat nausea.

Note:  With everything I say keeping moderation in mind is important.  Too much of anything is never good anyways!  Let’s be smart people.  🙂 Having a little nutmeg in our cooking, baking or even in our drinks is OK.  Rubbing it on aches to relieve pain is also OK but ingesting  too much nutmeg can have many side affects.  Click ahead and find out more on the major side affects of having too much nutmeg.  Serious Side Effects of Nutmeg

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