High Protein Vegan Foods

//High Protein Vegan Foods

High Protein Vegan Foods

When you think of adding protein to your diet do you always think of dairy, chicken, fish, eggs or beef? Yes, protein is key when building lean muscle, reducing muscle loss and to help repair muscle tissue post-workout.  While lean proteins, eggs, and low fat dairy are all wonderful options, animal proteins aren’t the only way to get sufficient amounts of protein in your diet.

Now let’s be honest, I enjoy my meat and potatoes too, however, animal proteins don’t always have to be your only choice when adding protein to your diet.  With the plethora of nutritious vegetarian protein options available out there, delicious meal ideas and variety is endless.  Foods like chia seeds, various nuts, beans and quinoa are all high in protein, provide healthy fats and other essential vitamins and minerals.  Whether we’re vegetarians or not, having a well-rounded diet that includes vegetarian proteins at least three times a week is extremely beneficial.  Including vegetarian proteins into your diet can help to lower cholesterol, manage weight, manage hormones, help remove toxins from the body, increase metabolism and provide an abundance of essential vitamins and minerals to aid in nourishing your body.

Here are just a few nutrient dense, vegetarian protein options to include into your diet:

How often do you include vegetarian proteins when meal planning? Do you have any favourite vegetarian recipes high in protein? Let me know if the comments below!



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